Brace yourself, I’m having treatment!

July 5, 2017


Hello! I’m Rachel, the Assistant Practice Manager at Cotswold Orthodontics. I have recently started orthodontic treatment and wanted to share my experience with you. Whether you are due to start treatment yourself or are interested in what we offer here, I hope this gives you some insight.

I had been given retainers following my orthodontic treatment as a teenager, but like a lot of young people do, I lost them. Last seen somewhere near the washing machine! I didn’t think too much of it at the time and didn’t notice how my teeth were gradually moving and becoming crowded. That was until I got the job at Cotswold Orthodontics some 12 years later. I spend my days discussing teeth, sorting study models or answering queries about braces, so it was inevitable that I would start looking at my own teeth. I decided to ask the specialists upstairs for their opinion!

The first step was to have some impressions and X-rays taken to check that all was ok and I was in a position to start treatment. Clare, one of our Orthodontists, talked me through my options. Several of the braces we offer here would achieve the desired result, but I decided to go for the classic train track braces on my upper teeth, but with ceramic brackets which are a little less noticeable but just as effective.

Having them fitted was a speedy and pain-free experience. It is a relatively simple procedure from a patient’s point of view and you get to wear some rather fetching protective glasses! Clare talked me through everything she was doing as she went along so I knew what to expect. Once she finished we checked that there weren’t any wires digging in and it felt comfortable, which it did. I could talk normally so my afternoon stint on reception went smoothly!

The teeth are adjusting to the brace in the first few days and they did ache a little. My diet has had to change to softer foods, so that I don’t cause any damage to the wire or the brackets and I’m avoiding any sweets or fizzy drinks, anything that might harm my teeth whilst the brace is on. It was a little sore, but a little dental wax and pain relief sorted this out and it only lasted for a few days.

My next appointment will be in six weeks’ time to check the progress and change the wire. It’s been surprising how quickly I have become used to having a brace again; I don’t even feel like it’s there a lot of the time.

If you have any queries after reading this blog, please contact one of our Treatment Coordinators on 01242 269498 who will be happy to assist.

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