Charity Walk for Mouth Cancer Foundation

October 23, 2014

Charity walk for Mouth Cancer

Zoe, Lizzie, Sam, Bec, Cathy & Alison from Cotswold Orthodontics joined in with the fund raising walk at Cheltenham Race course this October in aid of the Mouth Cancer Foundation. The day was organised by Gloucestershire Independent Dentists and raised over £3000 for the charity.

The Foundation helps research ways to treat the disease which affects around 38,000 people in the UK. Mouth cancer most commonly occurs in people in their 50′s or older and is associated with smoking and alcohol consumption. The link with smoking is very strong with at least 75% of people diagnosed with mouth cancer being tobacco users and in the UK mouth cancer kills more people than cervical cancer and testicular cancer combined. ( Mouth Cancer Foundation)

Worryingly it is increasingly being found in much younger people and in some cases is associated with the human papilloma virus type 16 (which is also linked to cervical cancer). Part of your routine dental check up with your dentist will be to screen for any signs or symptoms as early diagnosis can have a dramatic affect on the outcome.

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