Our Blog is a great resource for information about orthodontic treatment and the subjects we have covered should answer any questions you may have.

Below we have listed a few simple questions and answers.

Q. How long does treatment take?

A. Treatment can be as short as 6 months for a simple alignment of the front teeth particularly for adults. Children’s treatment can take between 12 and 18 months when using fixed braces.

Q. Will it hurt?

A. Having braces fitted is painless but your teeth can feel tender especially when you bite or chew. This is quite normal and lasts for about five days or so. If you find it uncomfortable we recommend taking the same pain relief medication you would use for headaches. See our Blog for more details on caring for your brace.

Q. Can I still wear my gumshield once I’ve had a brace fitted?

A. Yes you can still wear one, a mouldable style gumshield fits around your braces, and we have these in stock. See our Blog for more information.

Q. Can I play wind instruments once I’ve had a brace fitted?

A. Fixed braces can affect your ability to play a wind instrument but this should settle after a few months. It is sensible to avoid having a new fixed brace fitted close to a music exam or performance and we will happily accommodate this. For more details please see our blog.

Q. What is the difference between NHS and Private Care?

A. NHS care is only available to those under 18 whose tooth problems are significant. We receive a large number of referrals and so there is a waiting list for treatment, contact us for details.

Private care is available to all ages and there is no waiting list so treatment can usually begin immediately. We have a wide range of both cosmetic and invisible appliances.

Our standard of care is of the highest quality for both NHS and Private patients.

Q. Can I have an appointment on any day?

Once you begin orthodontic treatment with a clinician you will always see them on one of their regular working days. Please inform a member of our team if you have a preference for the days which you will be able to attend for appointments.

Our clinicians work the following days:

  • Alison Ferris – Monday & Tuesday
  • Catherine Mathews – Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Clare McNamara – Wednesday & Thursday
  • James Dickson – Thursday & Friday

Q. Do you take on transfers?

Unfortunately at this time we are not taking on any NHS transfers due to limitations on our units of activity from the NHS.

We can accept transfers on a private basis, we would first of all see you for an initial consultation and then produce a quote for continuation of your orthodontic treatment. Please be aware that occasionally removal and repositioning of brackets is necessary in order to continue with your treatment plan and the quote will reflect the fee for this.

Please contact our Treatment Coordinators to discuss your transferring orthodontic care to Cotswold Orthodontics.

Q. Where is treatment carried out?

Please be aware that treatment is carried out in the surgeries on the first floor accessed only by stairs. Wheelchair users and those with prams or pushchairs can access the reception area should they wish to attend with a patient.

Complaints Policy

At Cotswold Orthodontics we take complaints very seriously indeed and try to ensure that all patients are pleased with their experience of our service. When patients complain, they are dealt with courteously and promptly so that the matter is resolved as quickly as possible. This procedure is based on these objectives.

Our aim is to react to complaints in the way in which we would want our complaint about a service to be handled. We learn from every mistake that we make and we respond to patients’ concerns in a caring and sensitive way.

Patients who are unable to complain themselves can ask a representative to make a complaint on behalf of them. Complaints can be made using translators if and when necessary.

  • The Practice Manager is responsible for dealing with any complaint about the service we provide they can be contacted on 01242 269498. If they are not available at the time, then the complaint will be dealt with by an orthodontist, if an orthodontist is not available the complaint will be dealt with by Ian Hale.
  • The receiver of the complaint shall ensure full records are made of the complaint. Any notes taken during the conversation should be kept and attached to a completed Complaints Log. The person taking the complaint should read back any notes to the complainant to ensure that they have fully understood the complaint. They should also find out what outcome the complainant would like from the situation and how they would like to be contacted; email, telephone, letter.
  • The complainant should then be informed of what we will do to begin resolving the complaint. This may include speaking with an orthodontist, speaking to team members or looking at records. 
If a complaint is about any aspect of clinical care or associated charges it will normally be referred to the orthodontist, unless the complainant does not want this to happen
  • Whilst the complaint is being investigated the patient should be sent a letter to let them know who is handling the complaint, when they should expect to be contacted and a copy of our complaints policy should also be enclosed. This must be done within two working days of receiving the complaint.
  • If the complaint can be rectified within 48 hours then it is not always appropriate to write a letter of reply when a phone call will be enough, this of course depends on whether the complainant has requested a response by letter only.
  • We will seek to resolve the complaint within ten working days. Working to resolve the complaint may involve gathering information from several sources, getting advice from certain bodies such as the BDA and MDU/DDU, speaking to team members and looking through records.
  • If a complaint takes longer than 10 days to resolve the complainant must be kept updated using their chosen method of contact.
  • We will contact the patient to explain how we have resolved the complaint and to ensure they are happy with the outcome. Proper and comprehensive reports are kept of any complaint received.
  • All complaints are logged using a Patient Complaints Log Sheet. Once this has been filled in it is kept in the back room in a locked cabinet, in the interest of data protection and confidentiality. A complaints book has been previously used but this has since been replaced with the Complaints Log Sheets. No record of complaints are kept on the individual patients record due to the possibility of any previous complaints leading to prejudice towards a patient, this is following professional guidance.
  • A Complaints Analysis Log is also kept, this contains basic details about the complaints. This information is sent to the PCT annually.
  • If patients are not satisfied with the result of our procedure then a complaint may be made to:
  • NHS Treatment: NHS Gloucestershire PCT, Sanger House, 5220 Valiant Court, Gloucester Business Park, Brockworth, Gloucester, GL3 4FE
  • Private Treatment: The Dental Complaints Service, The Lansdowne Building, 2 Lansdowne Road, Croyden Greater London, CR9 2ER (www.dentalcomplaints.org.uk)

Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme

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