Below are a selection of testimonials from our patients.

Testimonials from our younger patients

At first you are a bit scared that it might hurt a little bit. About 5 months in and you can’t wait until the braces are taken off. But trust me the wait is worth it. After you cannot stop smiling


When your braces get taken off your teeth look perfect, you won’t be able to stop smiling.


At the start I really didn’t want treatment at all but I got used to my train-tracks really quickly. Now I am so pleased that I went through a bit of pain and irritation to end up with perfectly straight, beautiful teeth. Thank you so much!!!


At first I was nervous about having my brace on but I was reassured and everyone was very supportive. I went away feeling happy about my braces and happy to go back again. Now I have my braces off, I don’t feel embarrassed to smile which has helped me with my confidence.


A massive thank you for doing my teeth for me, they are gorgeous.


Testimonials from our adult patients

I am delighted with the transformation that you effected on my teeth. The lingual brace achieved what I thought impossible at my age. For twenty years I have been meaning to do something about them but it wasn’t until my granddaughter asked ‘Granny, why are your teeth crooked ?’, that I finally made up my mind. At every stage you provided encouragement as it wasn’t always easy. Now that it is over, I look in the mirror and am thrilled at what I see. I can smile in photographs again!


I had thought of having braces since my early twenties as my teeth were very overcrowded and I had always been self-conscious of this. I thought I was too old to wear a brace but my orthodontist talked me through the options and I was really surprised at what was available. I decided to have a lingual brace on my top teeth and a tradition tooth coloured brace on my lower teeth. I could see the results within a couple of months and nobody really noticed I was wearing a brace. I am really pleased with the results and my only regret is that I put off having my teeth straightened for so long.


It wasn’t until I got my wedding photos that I realised how unhappy I was with my teeth. A friend of mine had veneers and I thought that would be a good option but my dentist advised me to keep my healthy teeth and look into orthodontics instead…I chose a fixed brace with clear brackets which was uncomfortable after fitting but I soon got used to it. At first when people noticed my brace I felt quite self- conscious but gradually my confidence grew and I actually felt quite proud of the fact that I was wearing one and making a positive step towards changing something I was unhappy about. My brace has been off now for a couple of weeks and it’s fantastic. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone and I now have a lovely straight smile.


I would like to say how pleased I am with the orthodontic treatment I‘ve received. I had a tooth coloured brace on my lower teeth which looked very discreet, in fact some people didn’t even notice I was wearing one. Throughout the treatment everything was explained and any concerns I had have been listened to and acted upon. Even now as the brace has been removed, the after care will continue which is a fantastic reassurance. I feel overall it has been excellent value for money and I‘m delighted with the results. Thank you from a very happy patient.