Children’s Orthodontics

NHS care is available to those under 18 who require orthodontic treatment for dental health reasons such as severe crowing or prominent front teeth.  Unfortunately treatment for more cosmetic problems is not usually available on the NHS.

To be seen for an NHS assessment you need to be referred by your dentist and once we receive the referral letter we will be in contact to confirm your details and discuss the next step.  There is a waiting list to begin NHS orthodontic treatment as we are given a fixed amount of funding each year but you will be informed about this when we speak to you.

Our NHS treatments use high quality materials and are carried out by our specialist orthodontists.  Aesthetic braces are not available through the NHS.  Appointments are usually only available between 10am and 3.30pm.

There is the option pay for the initial consultation if you wish to investigate sooner whether your son or daughter is eligible for NHS care.  To find out more contact our Treatment Coordinators Lizzie or Sharon on 01242 579358.

Private Care for Children

Our private care for children has been specifically created for those children who are not eligible for NHS treatment, or who do not want to wait.

The benefits include:

  • Fixed, all-inclusive fee*
  • Simple payment plans to help spread the cost of treatment
  • Our usual high level of ongoing care and attention.
  • Appointments outside of the NHS hours

To find out more about the treatments see below.

* This fee covers the occasional breakage or repair, but if excessive repairs or replacement removable appliances are necessary we will charge extra to cover the additional costs incurred. We reserve the right to charge for missed appointments.