And they're off!

Following six months of treatment, my brace is now off and the retainer is on! Now comes the part where I have to be disciplined if I want my nice straight teeth to stay that way!

I was given my clear plastic retainer this morning, Clare has shown me the correct way to wear and remove it and I have been given instructions on how to look after it. These are £75 each to replace so aftercare is key! My teeth are aching a little, but this is just because they have had a week of freedom and are trying to shuffle back to where they were before.

Retention is key. The British Orthodontic Society has a great video on the importance of wearing the retainer here, which explains things well. I will be wearing my retainer full time for the next two weeks, then just at night time.

Below are the before and after pictures of my teeth, I am delighted with the results! Even though the changes may be minimal to look at, it’s boosted my confidence knowing that they look the best they can and my bite is so much more comfortable.

I must say a huge thank you to Clare and the team for treating me. If you are interested in a course of orthodontic treatment, please take a look at our website. Here we have details for all the treatments we offer; along with our contact information should you wish to arrange a consultation.

Bye for now!!!