Waxing lyrical

I’ve now had my brace on for over 2 months, where on earth did the summer go?! So far my teeth have moved successfully and Clare is happy with the progress I am making. Lots of our patients have spotted the brace too and have been asking many questions, which I am more than happy to answer. It helps our new patients to speak to someone wears an appliance so they can see how it looks on a real life person. I have been seen demonstrating how to use the relief wax several times in recent weeks!

As many of our patient’s experience, there have been a few niggly aches and pains as my teeth have shuffled and settled into position. I have a stubborn lateral incisor, which is root filled, so has taken a little persuasion to move to the right a bit. I have the relief wax with me all the time! There are already noticeable changes in my teeth, which I wasn’t expecting so soon, they are cooperating well and I am already very pleased with how they are looking.

I have avoided any breakages thanks to the advice from our Treatment Coordinators. You do have to be cautious when brushing and eating, but it’s mainly just common sense. Meals out over the last few weeks have seen me cutting my food in more manageable pieces and carefully selecting food from the menu which is brace-friendly. (My all-time favourite is crème brûlée so have had to bid that a fond farewell for the time being!)
These past summer months have seen us say goodbye to a lot of our patients as they have had their final retainer checks and have completed their orthodontic treatment. It’s always worth remembering that any discomfort is temporary and that by the time treatment is finished you will be left with a result that more than makes up for it.

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