Why choose Incognito (Lingual) braces?

The Incognito™ brace is the very latest advance in invisible orthodontics and its gold brackets are custom-made to fit onto the inside (lingual) surface of your teeth, making it completely invisible.  It offers all the benefits of a fixed brace giving you the best possible results and its low profile brackets also help to make it one of the most comfortable lingual braces available.

They take a little longer to adapt to and are more expensive due to their customised manufacture but they provide a real option for patients who, for either professional or social reasons do not want anyone to know they are undergoing orthodontic treatment. They are also becoming increasingly popular with older teenagers.

Treatment can take up to two years but most of our patients begin to notice an improvement in just a few months. For simple cases involving just the front teeth we also offer Incognito™ Lite which can straighten your teeth within six months.

Incognito braces are suitable for adults and older teenagers, it is only available through private treatment.

Advantages of Lingual Braces

  • Fast working
  • Invisible
  • Comfortable
  • Customised

The Process of Making and Fitting Lingual Braces

To ensure the fit is perfect, precise impressions are made of your teeth and sent to the laboratory in Germany where 3D scanning of your impressions takes place to produce the unique gold lingual brackets.  This process takes up to 6 weeks.

Once we have received your lingual brace from Incognito we need to see you to attach the braces.  This can take up to 2 hours and is a pain free process, you will need to keep your mouth open for a long time, but we will keep you as comfortable as possible.

Is it Uncomfortable?

After this fit appointment you may find your teeth become sensitive and there will be some discomfort as the teeth begin to move, however this usually passes within a few days, if you need to you can take painkillers you would normally take for a headache.   Getting used to having the brackets on the inside surface of your teeth can take some time and you may find you have a slight lisp, however your tongue will adjust and normal speech will return.

Lingual brace wearers may find Gishy Goo a useful product, this works in the same way as wax does, providing a cover over sharp or irritating pieces of the brace.  Gishy Goo is a stronger product which doesn’t easily come off the brace which is ideal as the tongue won’t be able to easily catch it and knock it off.


Once the Brace is Fitted

After the fit we would like to see you on average every 6-10 weeks to check the progress of the brace and   adjust the wire as necessary.  After each visit you will notice some discomfort as the teeth move towards the desired final position.  The treatment time will vary for each individual.  On average a course of treatment is between 12-24 months.

At the end of the treatment we will fit you with a retainer.  This is an invisible, removable appliance which helps to keep your teeth in their new position.  Sometimes we will fit you with a fixed retainer, further information about retainers can be found in our Blog on Retainers.

What if I Break My Brace?

If one of the brackets comes off a tooth you should contact the practice, depending on when your next appointment is we may need to see you sooner to reattach the bracket.  Please keep hold of any lose brackets, because these are custom made if we haven’t got the bracket to clean up and reattach we would need to order a replacement from Germany before we can fix your brace and this can take a few weeks.

If your wire comes out or breaks we will need to see you, again depending on how soon your routine appointment is we may book you in sooner to get this sorted out, again if the wire is intact but has come out of the mouth please keep hold of this, any replacement wires may need to be reordered from Germany.

These are usually the only breakages that can happen, sometimes you might find that the wire is digging into your cheek at the back of the brace, if this is the case contact the practice and we will arrange to see you, in the meantime you can use some wax or Gishy Goo over the end of the wire to protect your cheek.  You will be provided with wax when you brace is fitted and you can buy Gishy Goo at reception.

How Do I Look After my Lingual Brace?

You should ensure you follow our 3 simple steps to keep the brace clean, this can be found in our Oral Hygiene blog.   Avoid hard, sticky foods and cut down on the fizzy drinks, fruit juices and snacks between meals, boring we know but essential if you want to avoid marks on your teeth and decay!