Our FREE Assessment Process

Adults (over 18)

At intervals we release a limited number of free assessment appointments with our specialist orthodontists. Do contact our Treatment Co-ordinators to find out about these.

Reception Tel: 01242 269498

Alternatively you might like to book a no cost, no obligation appointment with one of our Treatment Co-ordinators. They won't be able to give you a clinical opinion but they will be able to discuss the types of treatments we offer and explain what you can expect to happen during the treatment process. By providing this insight our Treatment Co-ordinators should enable you to gain more from any subsequent clinical consultation you may have with one of our specialist Orthodontists.

They will also be able to discuss costs and finance options. If a free assessment is not available soon enough and you are keen to proceed with a full clinical consultation as quickly as possible this can be booked straight away. 

Children (under the age of 18)

We offer a number of free screening assessments each month for those patients considering private orthodontic treatment. As with adults, if you wish to be seen sooner or discuss treatments based on collection of records, we can arrange a consultation appointment at a charge of £75. 

Our Treatment Co-ordinators will be happy to outline the treatments available with the associated costs and finance packages on offer. Please contact us directly if you would like to book a screening assessment or consultation.

Reception Tel: 01242 269498

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Please note we no longer offer NHS treatment.