Fixed Braces FAQs

Fixed braces are attached to the teeth. They may be a conventional silver colour, gold or ceramic (clear).

Wires run through the brackets and apply the forces needed to move the teeth and make them straight.

Will fixed braces hurt?

Having braces fitted is painless but your teeth can feel tender especially when you bite or chew. This is quite normal and lasts for about five days or so. If you find it uncomfortable we recommend taking the same pain relief medication you would use for headaches.

How do I look after my braces?

Please see our blog post on how to look after our braces here.

Do I still wear a gum-shield for sport?

Please see our blog post here. We do advise that your wear a gum-shield for contact sports, we stock gum-shields designed to fit over your braces.

What do I do if my brace breaks?

Please contact us and we will advise you whether you need to come and see us before your next appointment. Breakages can sometimes slow down treatment.

Do I still need to see my family dentist?

Yes, you will still need to attend your family dentist for regular routine check-ups during your orthodontic treatment.

How often will I need to be seen?

Approximately every 8 weeks.

What if I play a musical instrument?

Braces can sometimes interfere with woodwind and brass instrument playing. Adapting to forming a new lip seal can sometimes be tricky. We suggest you discuss any concerns with your orthodontist prior to starting treatment.

What about rubbing and ulcers?

You will be advised how to use wax, which can be placed over any areas of the brace which may be rubbing. Dry the area first then apply a pea-sized amount of wax. If a wire is digging in or a bracket is broken please contact us.

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