Orthodontist vs Dentist

What is the difference between a Specialist Orthodontist and family dentist?

Our dental health maybe overseen by different members of a highly trained profession. It is important that members of the public are aware which member of the dental profession can provide them with the best possible care.

All dentists (general or specialist) must attain a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) qualification. This is a five year undergraduate degree, which provides general training.

Those dentists wanting to 'specialise' can be recognised by the General Dental Council as 'specialists' and must complete at least another five years of post-graduate study to achieve a Master of Orthodontics (MOrth) qualification.

Specialist Orthodontists are therefore specifically and highly trained in this one branch of dentistry and will be treating large numbers of cases, which will ensure their expertise.

It is important that patients can check that the person treating them has the appropriate qualifications and experience.