Six Month Smiles

Six month Smiles is a trade name for an orthodontic appliance system. It focuses on quick cosmetic treatments to the front teeth only. It isn't a quicker system because it is moving your teeth faster, it is quicker because it is only moving the front teeth.

Although we don't use this system we do use very similar discreet brackets and tooth coloured wires for complex and simple cases.

We will discuss your treatment at length, ensuring that you are fully informed about the aesthetic aims as well as the treatment of your bite and the overall function of your teeth.

The experience of our specialists enables us to deliver treatments that may be achieved in a shorter time frame as well as more involved treatments, which take longer.

We feel patients should be aware that it some cases aesthetic treatment only to the front teeth may lead to potential compromised results. In some cases straightening the front teeth only will not improve the bite and indeed may make it worse. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment improves the aesthetics and function of your teeth to give the best chances of long term healthy dentition. Patient dissatisfaction can also occur if patients are not fully aware of the limitation of the system.

Please be assured that we will listen to your concerns and to what you wish to gain from treatment. Our expertise will ensure that whatever treatment is recommended will provide you with the best result.